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TEMAT: What should you keep in mind when moving from a ho

What should you keep in mind when moving from a ho 1 miesiąc, 3 tyg. temu #340779

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Thinking of moving from a house to a brand new apartment ? Great! That is a major change. This type of property offers you a very particular lifestyle. Now, the space of an apartment may be somewhat less, so it is necessary to take that factor into account before moving.
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At Nexo we want to make your transition process to a new property much more comfortable. Therefore, in the following article we show you the variables that you have to consider when buying an apartment .
1.- Measure your new space
If you currently live in a high-end home, you likely have roomy, luxurious furniture, which looks great in that space. However, these may be too large for an apartment. The same is true if you have a six person dining set or a king size bed.
The last thing you want is to spend time, money, and effort transporting items to your new apartment, only to find that they won't get through the door. Therefore, the first of the tips before buying an apartment is to take the measurements of each of its rooms. 
You can do it without problems when making a physical visit to the property. Based on the information you collect, you will have the facility to decide which furniture to keep and which not. You can be sure that this simple step will save you a lot of headaches.
2.- Leave the past behind
The first step was to keep only the furniture that will fit into your new space. Now is the time to go through all your smaller belongings, since you won't be able to take all of them. Don't see it as a negative. Actually, by living in an apartment you will need fewer objects.
The more objects you have in your home, the higher the stress level tends to be in your home. That is the reason why many prefer the minimalist decorating style . Therefore, it is better that you review all your articles and choose to donate or discard those that you will no longer use.
In addition, this implies greater freedom. Before you had to take care of yourself to keep your garden in good condition. Now those tasks of maintenance of green areas are provided by the administration of the building, which offers you more free time.
3.- Consider dual-use furniture
When it comes to moving into a smaller space, it's best to get creative with the new furniture you buy. A great way to do this is through multipurpose furniture. For example, buying a sofa bed is a great way to have a special place for your guests despite the reduced footage.
Another very convenient option is to select a pouf or ottoman that has space inside to store objects. That internal storage can help you keep your belongings under control, which is crucial in small spaces.
Today, there are endless items specially designed to serve various purposes in compact apartments. Consider purchasing futons, modular furniture, or dining tables that can be extended.
Always keep in mind that most of the furniture you select has to fulfill two functions: to be attractive to contribute to the decoration of the apartment and to be very functional, since everything must fulfill a definite purpose.
4.- Use external storage space
It is very likely that you have items that will not fit in your new apartment, but that you really do not want to discard or give away. We all have furniture and items that we care for. So, if you have space problems, another of the considerations when buying an apartment is to rent a storage space.
There are many companies that offer this service and it can be very useful. It is perfect for those items that we do not use frequently such as antique family furniture, Christmas decorations, out of season clothes, etc.
5.- Take advantage of your new lifestyle
Do not be fooled by the smaller space, living in an apartment has many advantages. Without a doubt, one of the most important is that it offers you multiple common areas. Modern apartment buildings have many shared spaces that offer you a very particular lifestyle.
For example, it is common today for real estate projects to have an internal gym, barbecue room, swimming pool, bicycle parking, movie rooms, panoramic terraces and green areas.
Now you know what to consider when buying an apartment . In this way you can ensure that the change in space is comfortable and you integrate into your new lifestyle in the best way.
In Nexo Inmobiliario you can find the main real estate agencies in the country and their various projects. Are you looking for the ideal apartment, house, lot or office? Enter our official page and find your dream property just one click away.

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